A Visual Content Marketing Studio

We are an independent studio based in Los Angeles and Toronto.
We create engaging visual content built on insightful strategic thinking and executed on strong production know-how.


A no bullshit approach to making visual content across all mediums. From episodic TV shows to 60 sec TV commercials to long and short form social content, it starts with hard work and ends in victory.

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Using production companies who “don’t do strategy” is like flying solo without navigation. You may save money, but you can land in the wrong place – and you won’t know it until the money has been spent. Find out more…

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Each project is unique, and so should be the team tasked with creating kick-ass work for you. We assemble each team of creatives specifically for your content needs. All seasoned professionals. No juniors. Only the best. Here’s how it works…

Our Process


We've found one of our best assets is our ability to solve problems. Whether it is simply connecting you to the right people or if you'd like us to jump in and help you devise the best plan for success, we love being the go-to-studio for answering the question "How do we do that?".

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Why Redbear?

We are the connectors. We are passionate about content and we want to see you succeed. Even if you just need a name, someone to help you complete your project, give us a call. We will point you in the right direction and share our past experiences with you. Why? Just because.