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  • PJ Haarsma

    Executive Producer & Show Runner ————————— pj@redbear.tv

  • Drew Lewis

    Content Strategy Director & Nerd ————————- drew@redbear.tv

  • Martin Bihl

    Creative Director & Man of Letters —————– martin@redbear.tv

  • Billy Brooks

    VFX Supervisor & Cyborg ————————— billy@redbear.tv

Why Us?

We are the connectors. We are passionate about content and we want to see you succeed. Even if you just need a name, someone to help you complete your project, give us a call. We will point you in the right direction and share our past experiences with you. Why? Just because.

Ask about renting our studio space for production or editing. We have most equipment needed for small to large scale interior productions.

General Inquiries: info@redbear.tv

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