Aloha DJ,

Like you, I know first hand what it's like to only have $7 in my pocket. As a mother of two boys and an entrepreneur, I also know the meaning of hard work and passion in everything I do. In an industry that is accustomed to saying "no" without having first heard the question, I humbly ask for an opportunity to collaborate with you and your team at Seven Bucks. You mentioned not too long ago that you'd always do your best to bring as many productions as possible to Hawai'i, and with that, I invite you to take a look at OHANA.



After being shuffled around in the witness protection program, a struggling mother of two must provide for her family by outsmarting the brutal, local mob on the island of Oahu.

OHANA is a one-hour television family crime drama series about a mother of two in Witness Protection selling timeshares at a luxury resort in Waikiki in the 1990’s. When the government leaves her high and dry, she chooses to join forces with the local mob to provide a better life for her family. Equipped with her intellect and unparalleled forgery skills, she will outsmart rival mobsters, corporate tycoons and the FBI to become Hawaii’s most wanted. The only thing that scares her more than being killed or locked up, is losing her kids. OHANA will explore the themes of family, sacrifice, and power.
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Erin Mazzei fell in love with storytelling long before she realized she had an innate ability as a writer. A finalist in several writing contests, her Ohana script was quickly scooped up by Redbear Films. Knowing first hand the challenges of balancing work and life as a mother of two boys, Erin is drawn to writing strong female characters who are driven by passion and need. As an adventurer who grew up traversing the globe, she’s always had an appreciation for experiencing new people and places. Hawaii is one of those places that is held deep in her heart.

Why This Series?

Strong Female Lead.
Organically Diverse Cast.
Fresh Look at Hawaii.
Powerful Story.
Beyond the mesmerizing sunsets, postcard beaches and world-class surfing, lies a culture rooted in ancient ethnic influences and unique tradition. The Hawaiian culture influences everything from language and religion to fashion and cuisine. But to live in Hawai’i is to know the real Hawai’i. Foreigners continue to gain economic power, causing the loss of land and resources for Hawaiians. We agree when Dwayne Johnson says the goal of developing, producing and filming in Hawai’i is to keep the hard-working local people employed and stimulating the local economy. With experienced crew and talent at the helm, we can be sensitive to local customs and heed both environmental and cultural considerations in every aspect of shooting. Let’s keep the legacy of filmmaking in Hawai’i strong.

Luxury Timeshare Industry
in Waikiki, HI
Hawaii's only crime syndicate
remains untapped

An Award Winning Team

An Emmy winning producer and author of The Softwire series, PJ brings over 30 years of production experience to the shoot. His last series, CON MAN, starring Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion was picked up by Lionsgate and spent two season on SyFy.
Drew Lewis
Head of Content and Emmy winning producer at Redbear, Drew embraces today's media landscape of real-time data, co-creation with fandoms, and branded entertainment which has earned him 32 industry awards and counting.
Chris Mazzei 
Chris is a passionate entrepreneur and discovered writing and directing at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. He wrote, directed and distributed his first film at the age of 20, DEVIOUS BEINGS  starring Kevin Connolly, Patrick Van Horn, Andre B. Blake and Heather McComb.

To Request any of the following:

  • Pilot Script
  • Additional Episodes
  • Pitch Deck
  • Sizzle Reel

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Kevin Mills | Kaye & Mills
8840 Wilshire Blvd, Third Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Phone: (424) 234-3535

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