Do you want your story to scale?


Our independent and objective point of view helps you take a step back to explore all the obvious and not-so-obvious possibilities for your next production.

From full blown broadcast commercials shot in foreign countries, to run-and-gun video shoots, we have tons of experience. Need animation? We have people for that too. Even it’s it just a post fix, call us.


Stories that
inform and transform.

Your story can—and should be—much more than humble beginnings and current offerings.

A great story can take many different shapes or forms, but every chapter should be concise, engaging and invite everyone to come along


When you work with us, you get the benefit of our strategists’ collective experience, meaning you’re teaming with people who love sharing their knowledge.

And because of our vast, best-in-class experience, working faster, harder and smarter is second nature to us.


One of our best assets is our ability to open doors.

We figure out how to make shows.

Wanna crowd fund it - We’ve set records.

Wanna go straight to the studios – let’s do it.

It’s an exciting time in film and television and we can help.

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We have a lot of knowledge that we want to share. Even the tiniest of problems can derail a project, but reach out to us before that happens. There is no clock running. No hours being billed. Maybe you just need a name a contact. We’re confident that when you see how much we can help, you’ll call us first the next time you embark on a project. We look forward to sharing with you.

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What Others Are Saying

“These are guys who, when they says they’re going to do something for you, then watch #$%! out because they’re going to do it. That, to me, is a team that you want on your side.”
Michael Bettendorf, SVP Group Creative Director, McCaan Erickson
"When I need something done, I mean absolutely must have it done and done right, I call these guys.”
Frank Beddor, CEO Automatic Pictures, There’s Something About Mary.
“To put it mildly, PJ is a star. He’s a stellar producer, a detail-oriented problem solver and a prodigious generator of creative ideas. Not only is Mr. Haarsma one of the hardest and smartest working people I know, he’s also a sheer pleasure to be around – contributing both to great work and a great culture. I always look forward to working with PJ.”
Craig Evans, Group Creative Director, Wunderman
“I’ve had the great pleasure to work with PJ starting very early on in his career. It was apparent then as it is now he was a craftsman at whatever he put his mind to. In those days he was shooting photography and his black and white work was stunning and his printing technique was immaculate. Since then he’s gone on to film making and created an entire world with Orbis book series. All done with an incredible attention to detail. That’s just how he rolls. Hard to find craftsmen today. PJ is among those few.”
Dave Swartz, VP Creative Director – CP+B

Why Redbear?

We are the connectors. We are passionate about content and we want to see you succeed. Even if you just need a name, someone to help you complete your project, give us a call. We will point you in the right direction and share our past experiences with you. Why? Just because.