Content Marketing

is the driver that leading companies use to capture the hearts and minds of their customers.

Here's The Secret

We hate to break it to you, but your customers don't really care about what you have to offer them. They care about themselves and their needs.
Before you get upset and start sending us hate mail please try and understand this one important concept. We all feel that we have something amazing to offer, some incredible product or service that people need to hear about. But we really don't. They will tell you themselves that they can find it better, cheaper, easier somewhere else.
If you understand this then you must ask, "how do I get customers to pay attention to me?" How do I get heard through the noise of everyone else, and get my customers to trust me and ultimately buy something from me?
Focus more on your customers and less on your products.
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Ask yourself this:

What knowledge can I give my customer to help them succeed in their business?
(Now give that to them.)

All right. I’m oversimplifying things to make a point, but you would be surprised how difficult this is for some business owners to understand. If you want to win clients through content marketing, then you have to create content that is wanted. You must develop the mindset to think about their needs first. 

If you do this your customers will anticipate your content and want more, and when you achieve that, then your marketing makes your customers stop, read and think. Content like this makes them behave differently. Ultimately this is what you want because that change is a profitable customer action.

How Do I Create Content Like that?

Really Know Your Customers

At Redbear, we study your customers. We develop a profile that understands what makes them tick. Then we apply our proprietary algorithms to better understand how they behave with content. We use insights developed from the data and then set our creative team loose on creating content your customers will love, and engage with.

Ignore Them and Fail

Companies that do not do this (or worse, companies that don’t do this for you) create lack luster content that never achieves your business goals. 

Self-serving and promotional content will only annoy your customers and erode their confidence in your brand.

Inform, amuse or Engage

Content that informs your customers (not just your latest sales item), content that amuses them, or content that make them interact with you, has potential to change their behavior.

"Through content, you connect." Jon Wuebben

It’s not just blogs.

I had to admit it -- a lot of people don’t like to read, so understand you will have to hit their other senses. Good content marketing should include many different media types:






We can create this content for you.

Our studio is at your disposal.

At Redbear, we have our own on-staff writers and a full blown, award-winning production studio to create behavior-changing content for your company.
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