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Redbear likes making content so much that it was only natural that we would grow into scripted series television and OTT platforms. Led by EP and show-runner, PJ Haarsma, Redbear has teamed up with talented artists such as Alan Tudyk, Marisa Grieco, Nathan Fillion, Nolan North and Graham McTavish, to create ground breaking, award winning content for all screen sizes.

Take a look below at a few of the show we've made and that are in production.
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Starring Alan Tudyk & Nathan Fillion

Redbear Films produced the EMMY nominated series Con Man with Executive Producers; PJ Haarsma, Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion. Initially breaking records from crowdfunding Season 1 and earning 3.2 million dollars, Redbear built on that success and partnered with Lionsgate and their new premium digital channel, Comic-Con HQ for Season 2. Quickly Con Man became the No. 1 show on the channel.

Con Man recently earned two EMMY nominations for stars Alan Tudyk and Mindy Sterling in the Best Actor and Actress categories. With such a loyal fan base and industry accolades has recently led to Redbear Films partnering with the SYFY Channel to air seasons 1 and 2.
"Hysterical, character-driven, laugh fest."
"A cyber Holy Grail"

"Drop whatever you are doing now and watch it."

We Built a Website

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content.
Visit the Website

We Made a Comic

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content.

We Built a Game

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content.

Starring Nolan North

Currently in Production

RETRO REPLAY is a new and refreshing take on the "Let's Play" video game content so popular across channels like YouTube and Twitch. 

On Redbear show, RETRO REPLAY, Nolan North who has voiced popular game characters such as Deadpool, Nathan Drake (Uncharted Series), and Ghost (Destiny) will be playing retro games from the 80's and 90's along with amazing guest stars like Sean Astin, Jack Quaid, Felicia Day and many more. 

Industry stories, hilarious guest stars, a dirty joke or two, and a ton of fun while playing your favorite retro games. 

Now in it's fourth season, Retro Replay has garnered a legion of fans who tune in weekly for their does of Topics & Tangents, some Advice from Uncly Noly and they even get to play Retro Feud with other "Replayers".
"We support this wholeheartedly. Now, let's get you over to London to get drunk n play some games with our Let's Play fellas..."
"It is just as magical as I thought it would be. Thanks for making YouTube even better!"

We Built a Crazy Cool Fan Site

Our fans love hanging out so much that we built a place where they can hang out, watch Retro Replay and write and share articles about video games, pop culture and thing that just make them go... hmmmm.
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We Have Over 100 Episodes

Our fans love hanging out so much that we built a place where they can hang out, watch Retro Replay and write and share articles about video games, pop culture and thing that just make them go... hmmmm.

Starring Marisa Grieco

Currently in Production

Your Mystical Guide is a weekly show that helps you connect to your psychic self. Yes, you have one! Join Marisa Grieco as she shares her stories and experiences, and give you the tools that have worked for her on the road to a happier, better self. 

Whether you're just starting out, or you need a refreshing look at the exciting evolution of consciousness, she definitely makes it informative while making it fun.
"OMG she is a beautiful soul with an awesome energy, animated, high spirit and exudes an attractive charisma."
Gucci G.
"I immediately thought that this woman was something special. She is so free and beautiful."

Mika D.
"Her intuition allowed me to access parts of myself previously hidden. I loved our session!"

Michele M.
"Marisa is the real thing. She is a true psychic healer. Our session still resonates in my heart."

Kendis C.
Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.

This Show Connects with People.

From Marisa: "I can't do this alone. I need people like yourself who are looking for a tribe to hang out with - a place where you can be yourself and ask questions without being judged. Are you that person? There are a lot of ways to get involved from lending your voice to supporting the site. I will love and appreciate whatever you choose. Thank you for your support and welcome to the tribe!"

Projects Currently in Development

We love great ideas. We are constantly developing concepts that we think are going to be the next "thing". If you think you have that idea. Don't hesitate to have your lawyer contact us.

Series - In Development

Set against the Hawaiian crime scene of the 1990's, we explore the seedy side of the Big Island as seen through the eyes of Dani Cobb. Dani is in the Witness Protection Program having snitched on her mob father to protect her two children. She has a 5-million-dollar bounty on her head placed there by her father now doing a 20 year stretch for murdering her mother. The most import thing in Dani's life is family, Ohana.

Series - In Development

When Kenny’s dreams of the NFL are crushed and his obstinate grandmother is facing foreclosure, the baby-faced giant is embraced by Memphis's Redneck Mafia and enters a world of betrayal, debauchery, and decapitation. 

This “schoolboy” is now forced to walk the line between the Bible Belt and G Strings as every choice he makes suffers consequences in this violent, but true story.

The Softwire Series

Series - In Development

JT has always known there was something different about him, even before he and two hundred other kids landed on the first ring of Orbis. But once their spaceship lands, he is identified as the first-ever “softwire” — a human with the ability to enter and communicate with computers through his mind — and becomes the focus of intergalactic intrigue. Johnny and the rest of the refugee orphans are put to work in alien factories, and quickly things go very wrong. When the all-knowing, all-controlling, and technologically “perfect” central computer starts malfunctioning, suspicious eyes turn to JT. Is he the one responsible? This action-packed, fast-paced sci-fi series will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Four Book Award Winning Series.
Haarsma Virus on Orbis 1
Haarsma Wandchasers

Series - In Development

The Wandchasers is an enchanted mystery about a young girl named Emily who finds herself at the center of a vicious feud between two magical families. Emily is unknowingly linked to a child fostered in a 17th century witch’s prison whose wands are the catalyst for their conflict.

Includes a video game.

Five Book Series
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