Redbear is Hiring!

We have been growing like crazy lately. Below is a list of current job openings that we currently need to fill. Before you send in your resume, please make sure you agree with the following:
  • We don't like assholes. It's important that you can check your ego at the door and are eager to be part of a close team.
  • Everyone's ball is your ball. We don't let each other down. If someone drops a ball, you pick it up. No questions asked. We always have each other's back.
  • You believe that everything can be made better. No matter what anyone does we are always open to someone who can make it better.
  • You are willing to nurture clients and help them grow with us.
  • Schedules can be very flexible. Life is too short, but when the work needs to get done, there are no clocks.
  • You frickin' love what you do.
All right, you still with us? Awesome. Let's see if any of these jobs match your life goals ;)

Current Career Opportunities at Redbear

Graphic Designer

We are looking for a Junior Graphic Designer to work with the marketing, sales teams to create effective and innovative graphic design for the company to support our clients' messaging, website, social media, product information, sales collateral, product design, and videos.
In addition to our traditional clients, you will be asked to help create for our web, TV and Film projects.
You will report directly to our team at the Lake Forest, CA office. There will be an opportunity for tremendous growth in the coming year, and we are looking for someone interested in pursuing those opportunities long-term.
Roles and Responsibilities
  • At least two years of professional experience in a similar role
  • A creative perspective of the application of graphics, layouts, and digital design
  • Technical knowledge of all the Adobe Creative Suite applications
  • Familiarity with still and video photography
  • Hard-working, visionary with attention to detail
  • Out of the box thinking with an eye to what is coming next
  • Mindful of a calendar with a sense of urgency
  • Collaborative, flexible with a strong point of view and communication skills
  • Able to undertake market research using all forms of media, travel, and market feedback
  • Optimistic and outgoing with the capacity to operate in a dynamic work environment with passion and motivation
  • Openminded collaborator
  • Interest in what's new and innovative with awareness to trend
  • Upbeat, positive mentality with a roll up your sleeves work ethic
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Strong understanding of graphics inside video formats
  • Adobe After Effects
Job Type: Full-time/ Remote work possible
Pay: Between $43,200.00 and $52,800 per year depending on experience and remote work.
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