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Our talented & experienced team delivers amazing results for you.
We have a can-do attitude backed up by more than 30 years experience delivering creative solutions driven by data.

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Meet the team dedicated to your success.

PJ Haarsma

CEO/ Executive Producer
Author, director and award winning  producer, PJ founded Redbear in 1989. Call - he'll probably pick up the phone.

Drew Lewis

COO/ Head of Content
Creative genius, self proclaimed nerd and lover of Bourbon - Kentucky Bourbon. He's someone you want on your team.

Paul (JP) Chastain

CTO/ Data Scientist
Resident Google Guru, Paul studies the effects on the brain from spaceflight in his spare time. Yep, so smart it hurts.

Nolan North

Executive Producer
With a passion to make people laugh, Nolan brings his razor sharp wit and production skills to Retro Replay.

Eric Abromson

Creative Director
Creative Director, writer, and self-proclaimed movie aficionado, Eric could quite happily survive on nothing but lobster (he’s from Maine) and ice cream.

Stephanie Judge

Post Production Supervisor/ Senior Editor
A master of the edit and someone who is never finished until it's right. You can see Steph's influence on all our productions.

Malina Sos

Production Manager
Full-time project maestro, part-time yarn enthusiast. There's nothing Malina can't untangle. Who needs a fairy godmother when you’ve got project finesse?
Erin donahue at Redbear Films

Erin Donahue

Creative Operations Coordinator
A mother of 2 (three if you count her husband), there is no one better to ensure everyone gets their #$%# done.

Garvey Daniels

Director Business Development
Garvey has a knack for finding companies who excel from our help. He takes to the time to understand exactly what you need.
Brian Rimer - Redbear

Brian Rimer

Lead Developer
Brian takes web development to an art form. There is no challenge he can't tackle. Give it to him, he'll crush it.
kurt farnan

Kurt Farnam

Senior Creative  Director
A brilliant creative with big brand experience. (Kurt is on the left.)

Kreed Kleinkopf

Social Media & Content Manager
Word ninja Kreed oversees our written content for search at Redbear. He also "a slappa da bass".

Michael Abebe

PPC Specialist
California-born PPC guru, turning clicks into touchdowns with the finesse of a Lakers' three-pointer. When I'm not optimizing campaigns, you'll find me rooting for the home team.

Anthony DiBiase

Senior Copywriter/Consultant
Former Global ECD at Y&R we are honored to call him part of our team at Redbear.
Pagan Redbear

Pagan McGrath

Community Manager
Community is Pagan's jam... but she's Irish, so maybe it's a Guinness Jam? Pagan is everything Couch Soup or whatever Drew throws at her.

Olivia Kabiba

Senior Writer
Redbear's staff writer and researcher. Olivia is our word wizard extraordinaire.

Paul Both

Sound Mixer/Editor
When Paul's not shaping extraordinary sound in the studio, he's pouring you a chocolate peppermint ale.
Anthony Moore at Redbear

Anthony Moore

A seasoned veteran, fast and efficient. And he takes great photos too.
Dunn Lee at Redbear

Dunn Lee

Server Admin
Dunn eats, breathes and sleeps code. IF anything breaks, Dunn can fix it.

Clara Munoz

Social Media Manager
Clara is here to curate, create, and connect in the world of online communication. When she's not crafting digital experiences, she's exploring the world.

Eman Lacuesta

Video Editor
This whimsical wizard video editor can transform your boring clips into epic cinematic masterpieces
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