Paid Advertising

That can be very expensive. Large brands can dominate a market. How can I can compete?


As far back as 2014, 90% of Google's revenue was already coming from advertising. Google has shown that if you want to sell through their platform then the easiest way is to buy your way in.

That can be very expensive. Large brands can dominate a market. How can I can compete? Glad you asked. Remember this?

By creating valuable content for Google's users based on behavioral data collected on your potential clients, Redbear Films creates very specific paid ad campaigns that give you huge results. Sometimes at a savings of 66%!

But I don't have LegitScript!

Ah, LegitScript. It's true. You can no longer purchase ads for your drug and alcohol treatment facility without it. We have helped several of our clients receive their LegitScript certification, and we can help you with yours. But until you receive it, Redbear Films still has many other effective tools to aid in your treatment center's marketing.


Digital Television, or OTT is a great way to brand your facility. You can get specific to your zipcode or go national. Get on the best stations for a fraction of the cost.


Radio can be a cost effective way to let people know you are there to help. Besides spot buys, there are also opportunities for unique programming on specific topics.


Purchase a package of cable spots tailored to your audience. Redbear Films can create a complete media plan for your treatment facility.


Do you share your events with local news outlets? Do you invite press to your group activities? Do you host community events at your facility or about your services?


And don't forget content that is valuable to your potential clients. Videos, live streaming, blog content and even podcasts. Content. Content. Content.

It's time to call us.

Redbear Films will become an essential partner for your facility. We will create a fully managed marketing plan and work with you daily to make sure your census is full. Let's talk.
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