Search Linguistics

You must understand how clients find you, and then use this data to amplify the results.

SEO is a four letter word

Before you get upset, read little more....
How many times have you opened your LinkedIn message box to find someone selling you SEO? I've stopped counting. In my opinion, SEO is dead. What most people pass off as SEO nowadays is 10-years-old, or worse, they slap on some plugin to your site, add a few random keywords, and show you data where your rank #1 for your own name - it's a scam.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever changing beast. There are many contributing factors now that must be built into your website before it can properly communicate with Google. And these must be managed an updated as Google changes the game often.

But wait! 

It's not JUST Google. Yelp is a search engine too. So is Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Pinterest, Quora and YouTube - the second biggest one of all. 

We can't tell you how many times we've examined the website for a new client only to discover that they have simply been ripped off. They've paid for a salesman spewing a bunch of buzzwords and expecting to ranked on page. Don't fall for that. Good SEO takes work and it takes time. That other stuff is dead. RIP.
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We take care of everything

Before you even hire Redbear, our team does a thorough deep-dive analysis of how your website is currently talking to Google and other search engines. We learn how and why people are interacting with your website and your advertising, and then set you on a clear path to reach your business goals.

As a Redbear Client you will receive:

  • Install Google Analytics
  • Install Google Search Console
  • Creation of Robots.txt file
  • On page Meta-Alt Tags
  • Customer Behavior Reports
  • Top Content Overview
  • Youtube optimization
  • Google MyBusiness listing
  • On-Site Schema Tagging 
  • Competitor Cloning & Targeting


  • High-quality backlinks
  • Integrated Ad Campaigns
  • Competitor Marketing Analysis
  • Google Page speed 80+ min
  • 24-7 Tech support
  • Amazon merchant Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Funnel Optimizations
  • Search Forensics
  • Search Engine Marketing

You Need Search Linguistics



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