The Budget Con

You can find someone who will agree to your budget. It’s not hard. What’s hard is making them stick to that budget once the work starts. Some simply assume that you’ll find more money once your in production, while others lack the experience to keep tight budgets inline. Our decades of experience have helped us establish relationships with top-tier talent and made us hawks at cutting out the fluff.

We will work with you to show you exactly where you’re spending your money, and provide solutions when tasks seem impossible. We treat your money like it was ours.

Director Bait & Switch

Director reels look beautiful. They’re made that way. But how do you know if they can execute specifically what you need? “Oh, they’re great with real people!” says their rep. But are they? Who knows? We do. We’ve worked with so many, we even have a select few of our own – hand picked and sitting on our roster. We’ll share our experience with you. Tell you what people are saying about the director and help you choose the proper director for your job. Whether we are simply producing for your agency, providing production services, or bringing in our full team team and our directors, we’ll share our experience and help you choose the right talent for your creative.

Time Paradox

Don’t get trapped in it.

The longer you have to create your content – the longer it takes. Redbear bends time-lines to your will. The faster you want it the better, no kidding.

We scrub schedules clean and manage every stage of production AND ideation. We move fast, very fast in fact and we’ll do it within budget. No surprise rush or weekend charges.

IF, (and that’s a BIG IF), we can’t meet your deadline, you’ll know right from our first conversation, before you waste any time or money.