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Redbear likes making content so much that it was only natural that we would grow into scripted series television and OTT platforms. Led by EP and show-runner, PJ Haarsma, Redbear has teamed up with talented artists such as Alan Tudyk, Marisa Grieco, Nathan Fillion, Nolan North and Graham McTavish, to create ground breaking, award winning content for all screen sizes.

Take a look below at a few of the show we’ve made and that are in production.
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Redbear Films produced the EMMY nominated series Con Man with Executive Producers; PJ Haarsma, Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion. Initially breaking records from crowdfunding Season 1 earning 3.2 million dollars. Building on that success Redbear partnered with Lionsgate and their new premium digital channel, Comic-Con HQ for Season 2. Quickly Con Man became the No. 1 show on the channel.

Con Man recently earned two EMMY nominations for stars Alan Tudyk and Mindy Sterling in the Best Actor and Actress categories. With such a loyal fan base and industry accolades has recently led to Redbear Films partnering with the SYFY Channel to air seasons 1 and 2 in September and October.

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Hysterical, character-driven, laugh fest.Nerdist
A cyber Hoy Grail!Fast Company
Drop whatever you are doing now and watch it.Outer Places

RETRO REPLAY is a new refreshing take on the “Let’s Play” video game videos across channels like YouTube and Twitch. On RETRO REPLAY, Nolan North who has voice popular game characters such as Deadpool, Nathan Drake (Uncharted Series), and Ghost (Destiny) will be playing retro games from the 80’s and 90’s along with co-star Troy Baker who has voice popular game characters such as Booker DeWit (Bioshock), Joel (Last of Us), and Batman. Industry stories, guest stars, a dirty joke or two, and a lot of funny voices over your favorite retro games. Watch now on YouTube!

We support this wholeheartedly. Now, let’s get you over to London to get drunk n play some games with our Let’s Play fellas…IGN (Twitter)
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It is just as magical as I thought it would be. Thanks for making YouTube even better!?Fun with Geeks (YouTube)

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Coming soon from Redbear Productions, A Brit and a Twit stars Nolan North (Uncharted, Pretty Little Liars) and Graham McTavish (Outlander, The Hobbit) in a new twist on the typical travel show as they attempt to bike the Mad 500 in Scotland.

You’ll want to tune in each week to see if these two fools will survive the treacherous terrain of Scotland (insert Scottish accent).

Your Mystical Guide is a weekly show that helps you connect to your psychic self. Join Marisa Grieco as she shares her personal stories, experiences, and the tools that have worked for her on the road to a happier, better self. Whether you’re just starting out, or you need a refreshing look at the exciting evolution of consciousness, Your Mystical Guide is gonna to make you laugh and learn in the next great weekly video series.

This show, built from the ground up at Redbear, is a perfect example of brand building combined with entertainment production. From a comprehensive content plan that involves Social Media, Blogs, Patreon, newsletters, weekly videos and more in an effort to build a engaged community of loyal fans.

“Tuesday’s have become my favorite day of the week!”Youtuber Emily N.
“Thank you for this Marisa ! It comes at the perfect time and was just what I needed to be reminded of ❤️?”Youtuber Anita F.