Reputation Management

Paying Attention to What Matters.

People Are Talking About You

The internet is not what it used to be and your customers are using it for good and bad. We've all seen it. Someone leaves your facility angry because you took their drug aways and they run to the internet to give you a one-star review.
We can help.

We take a proactive approach to your reputation that involves more than reacting when something goes wrong. We monitor the web and your social media 24/7 for comments about your company, sometimes infiltrating private groups to put out a fire. When we find positive comments we amplify those in your social media campaign.
Restoring your reputation may need the help of a professional. Call Valid Resource at 323-524-0523

Use our relationships to get problems fixed faster.

We have insight on emerging technologies from Google through a close relationship and years of partnership. Our ability to pick up the phone and "call Google" has become invaluable for some clients.

Here are 8 tips to help you manage your online reputation.

1. Monitor What People Are Saying
Make sure someone in your company is assigned to monitor the internet for mentions about your brand. All day. Every day. Don't let things fester.
2. Be Transparent. Really Transparent.
Ask for feedback, respond honestly and don't try to hide things. You will only make matters worst. Plus, if you only "sell" on social you will never earn respect.
3. Earn Trust
Engage with people. Share your trust signals like your latest certifications. Share your wins and show a human face to the public. People want to work with other people, not brands.
4. Respond Quickly & Politely
Late replies show you don't care. Being rude just makes it worse. By responding quickly you tell people that you care about your clients and being polite shows you are professional.
5. Your Page 1 Results Matter
Search your business name. Do negative posts or comments show on the first page? If they do, you have a problem. This is the first thing a potential client will see.
6. Fight Back When it's Right
Sometimes you get attacked for the wrong reason. It's a disgruntled employee or an abusive customer. It can even be the competition. We can clean that up, but the law gives you several protections. Consider a lawsuit or they may keep doing it.
7. Learn from Your Mistakes
Make corrections. Say your sorry. Show real remorse and don't do it again. The results can be too costly.
8. Address the Critics
Don't ignore the criticism. Some of it may even help you do better. Criticism can give you an outside look at something you may not know about or have not examined from a client's perspective. Showing a client you can change, based on their advice, builds trust.
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