Pre Pro Meeting

by RedBear


1 min pre pro meeting

Pre Pro Meeting

Before any big event, people start to second-guess themselves and question the direction in which things are moving - especially in advertising when a bad video, or a bad ad can be career ending. That's why as a producer you need to make the Pre Pro Meeting your TED Talk. How do we do this? By confidently presenting an in-depth document that contains all the elements for the shoot right down to the finest detail.

Download our framework for a proper Pre Pro Book that we use on all our production at Redbear Films when you subscribe above.

Better Strategy

Better production 


Better Results

When you hire Redbear Films for your video or commercial production, we strive to give you better strategy, a better production process and in the end, better results. We hand pick the best team for your specific project needs guarantee your project will be delivered on the time and on budget. We will make you look like a rock star. If you would like to discuss you project, or simply need help to get your project off the ground, please call me directly at 323-620-2327 or by email at pj@redbear.tv.

See you on set!
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