Explosive Growth

BuyOrSellBusiness.com was formed in the Southern California area out of a passion for excellence in business brokering. Realizing just what the client wants and needs for a successful transaction, combined with a deep knowledge of requirements from lenders and buyers, became the catalyst of the formation of the company with a focus of higher standards of deliverables. Consequently, they began to experience an organic pull for growth and expansion into other states and regions.

The Problem

BuyOrSellBusiness.com was a relatively new site that had to quickly bring in thousands of visitors to establish a long-close funnel of selling or buying a business. Since the time to close these customers is 6-9 months, they needed a plan that brought in an exclusive type of visitor with more cash than even the top 5% of earners.

The Ask

Our client needed not just a hub website, but all the funnels & content needed to formally launch an all-inclusive brand. This called for authority driven content, well structured funnels for both buying & selling, social engagement, and of course on-page technical SEO. This also meant properly tagging pages for schema and bolstering the brand through content promotion. All of this strategy to inspire the top 3% of earners to invest or divest in a business.

The Solution

Requiring a holistic marketing & organic plan, several things were needed to immediately elevate the brand & distinguish them from more established players in the industry. This included an ads approach with a specific threshold of spending, the design of squeeze funnels to elicit email signups, a complete technical SEO implementation, & email strategy program targeted to the most elusive & valuable lead.

Ads were researched first, telling us about competition as well as the amount of money needed to make a real impact. Before even the first ad is run, we take care of content that improves the quality score of the BOSB website. This means a reduction in ad costs almost right out of the gate, making for a more efficient spend on day one. In some cases they saved 62% on ads because of this strategy. In addition, because we test spending thresholds for success, they spent less than 30% of what they originally budgeted because of our strategy.

We also needed an offer, a purple cow, to bring people through the site and signup. Three different funnels were tested with different offers. While all the offers had a free offering, we found that a ‘free information offer’ brought the most people through the site. This grew email marketing that further enticed people into the funnels.

A complete technical SEO implementation was needed to compete with players in a $1.5T industry. One of the most expensive in the world, nothing was spared. Schema, meta, alt tags, on-site speed & more were used together to fill out the brand to be as ubiquitous as the established companies. Not to be left out was our email strategy. Because of the high dollar, high value nature of the business, the highest converting advertising, the email, was a crucial part of building the business quickly

The Results

In just four months, we their lead machine humming.


Increased Search Traffic


Increased Site Traffic


Reduced Ad Cost

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