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Bedding Mart believes in the importance of a great night's sleep. They are committed to bringing the best products and values to your bedroom so you can wake up feeling refreshed and live a healthier lifestyle. They are all about Better Sleep, Better Health, and Better Beds!! With over 20 years experience of bringing the best sleep systems to Arkansas, southern Missouri, Oklahoma and northern Texas, these are definitely to local experts consumers should turn to.

The Problem

Bedding Mart needed growth in their online retail during COVID-19 while maintaining or even lowering their marketing budget.  They wanted to increase their brand awareness, in-store traffic, & online sales and asked Redbear to help. While brand management & advertising has a usual flow, COVID-19 has disrupted it. However, we were able to help them with positioning and business decisions that are making them more successful than ever.

The Ask

Generate more sales from an established brand. This would require an overhaul of existing infrastructure to attain. The client needed a new website, better SEO strategy, continuous content production for authority, & digital/traditional ad strategy.

The Solution

Since the seller has various types of inventory that appeal to different customers, we instituted content that appealed to each market segment. One thing that is certain is COUPON use is way up (93% of consumers in the last 3 months used a coupon). Seeing this trend at the beginning, we worked with the company to institute targeted offers for specific demographics.

Redbear has a proprietary 3 pillar plan of action for all of our clients. Strong SEO (Search Linguistics) and website content, award-winning visual content and an intricately calculated approach to advertising on paid search, television, radio and social media platforms.

Up first, was their website. A fresh redesign improved their user experience and improved two important factors for Google: page speed and load order. Now that they had a beautifully redesigned website, operating at peak performance, it was time to get some traffic coming in. We started with Google Ads & rotated keywords daily to analyze and optimize for the keywords that got us the most clicks. Redbear’s marketing constantly tests and measures the performance of our ad spend which is what makes our paid advertising so effective.

By utilizing our proprietary spider algorithms we crawled the web and find specific keyword sets that performed brilliantly for a low cost and a high return. These spiders compile data from a wide variety of sources that helps us understand when, why and how people search for our client as well as their competitors. All of this enabled us to target the right people at precisely the right time with our client’s marketing messaging.

Finally, we highlighted their purple cow, The Family Bed, with a three pronged content campaign that included blogs, video and social.

The Results

Well, they were stellar, and in fact they are still growing.


Increased Sales YOY


Shopping Cart Conversion


Online Traffic

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