And Now They are Expanding

More Than Rehab was created with the premise of providing quality care. At More Than Rehab, they understand that every person is unique and therefore, no treatment program should be the same. They develop individualized treatment programs to meet the unique needs of everyone. They also believe the key to building a lasting foundation in recovery is by combining the 12-Step Model and Faith-Based approach, with holistic and therapeutic treatment modalities. By offering this broad spectrum of treatment, they allow our clients to identify what works best for their recovery. They are the perfect client for us.

The Problem

After years of corruption within the industry, and after Google halted the use of Google ads for addiction treatment centers, More Than Rehab needed a way to show the world that they were an honest choice truly dedicated to the well being of their clients. Consumers no longer knew who to turn to and More Than Rehab needed to prove they were the right choice. 

The Ask

More Than Rehab came to us with a problem that every honest rehab was facing after Google and the government changed the game. They needed to fill their census, but they wanted to build their brand in a lasting manner. They were looking for a partner to make this happen and they were willing to invest the time to do it right. 

The Solution

Increase in clicks is excellent, especially for a highly competitive field such as addiction treatment, but it's where this growth is happening that matters most. In the drug rehabilitation industry, we know that the most coveted keywords are those of a general nature. Generalized keywords like “drug rehab” or “alcohol rehab” without your brand name in them are the biggest wins that you can get online. These keywords work by gaining the attention of people who are unfamiliar with your business, but who are looking for your services. Take a look at their impression rates on popular keywords:

The gains we made for More Than Rehab are in keywords such as “alcohol rehab”, “drug rehab”, “drug rehab Houston”, “meth rehab” and “drug rehab Texas”. These are all general keywords that work to ensure their brand receives the maximum exposure to as many potential new customers as possible.

So far, we’ve only talked about our organic search gains. These results were built upon the bedrock of solid SEO, search linguistics, strategy and content development.

When you look at what pages get the most traffic from organic searches, you can see that the content created by Redbear Films (and our wellness division, Valid resource) was the main driver of impressions and click traffic for the brand.

We created regular blog posts based on the data found with our proprietary algorithms and back it up with video content.

The Results

More Than Rehab is now opening their second facility in Tyler, Texas. Their growth has been oustanding.


Increased Click Volume


Increased Impressions


Online Visibility

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